Code of Conduct

Discipline is fundamental in Catholic education. We ask the parents to assist the teachers in guiding their children in the acceptance of responsibility. Our mission is to provide a safe and structured academic environment for all our students.

At the beginning of each school year, the teacher will send home a list of the school and classroom rules, you may also find a copy of the Parent-Student handbook here. The principal and every teacher in the school has the authority to apply appropriate disciplinary measures to a violation of any of the school’s regulations or policies. The following is a list, non-inclusive, of acceptable and possible disciplinary measures:

  • Teacher or principal speaks with the child
  • Conduct Referrals
  • Classroom Discipline Plans
  • Detention (it is the student’s responsibility to inform his or her parents if a detention is
    assigned for the following day and detention must be served on day assigned).
  • If a child receives a conduct referral or detention form, it is expected to be signed by the parent/guardian and returned to school the next day. If not signed and returned, the child may face a consequence, (ex: loss of recess or another detention.)
  • Parent –Teacher conference
  • Special privileges denied
  • Individual Discipline Contract
  • In school suspension
  • Suspension - out of school suspension
  • Expulsion – It shall be the decision of the proper school personnel, after carefully weighing all the facts and circumstances pertaining to the incident of misconduct, as to which corrective measures are appropriate or adequate