High School Information

Any 8th Grade student who plans on attending a Catholic high school in Cincinnati must take the High School Placement Test (HSPT). The exam is offered at all Catholic High Schools in November. The test is usually held the Saturday of the weekend prior to Thanksgiving.

Students can take the test at any Catholic high school, and have the option of sending their results to up to three different schools.

Our Eighth grade homeroom teacher sends an information packet home with our students with all the instructions. If you are a parent and have not seen the packet contact the eighth grade homeroom teacher.

St. Francis de Sales works diligently to prepare our students for the HSPT.

Test Preparation: If you wish to prepare for the HSPT, we offer three suggestions:

  1. There is a free online resource here
  2. We offer after-school classes. The 8th-grade homeroom teacher will send home information regarding classes.
  3. Most high schools offer summer courses. Contact high school directly.

*Requesting test accommodations: Students with an ISP or IEP requesting accommodations on the placement test must submit the required documentation with registration. Please contact the High Schools for more information.