Lunch Room

Mrs. Sonia Harper

Cafeteria Manager

Ms. Tyler Townsend

Head Cook

St. Francis de Sales School  participates in the Free and Reduced School Lunch
Program, click here for more information.  This requires us to charge $3.00 per meal and $1.50 for extras. You must complete the Free/Reduced lunch application to determine if you qualify for the reduced price.  Students who prefer to pack their lunches may purchase milk for $.50.  Those who get a hot lunch at school may purchase extra milk for $.50.  Have lunch money in an envelope with your child’s name, grade marked on the front of the envelope.

Students must eat lunch.  If they do not like what is on the menu, they must bring from home a packed lunch.  Students coming to school without a lunch will be charged for a hot lunch.

Breakfast will be provided again this year at no cost to students beginning on the first day of school. Studies have shown that when you miss breakfast your metabolic rate slows down and causes you to become hungry and have less energy throughout your day.

IMPORTANT CHANGE: Due to new federal guidelines, we are no longer allowed to let students have Pizza Parties, cookies, or cupcakes during lunch for birthdays/celebrations. This also includes fast food, i.e. McDonald's, Skyline, Subway, etc.

If you wish for your child to have a birthday treat to share with their classmates, it must be served in the classroom. You must check with your child’s teacher to make arrangements and see what type of treat is acceptable.

Note to Parents: Teachers and Staff cannot and will not heat up students' packed lunches. We have a strict time schedule for serving lunches and eating lunch. It is not possible to accommodate students who bring food that must be warmed up for lunch. Please be advised that if you send your students with a lunch that needs to be warmed up, it will not be warmed up. Thank you for your understanding.
Also, any parents bringing in food for birthday celebrations, etc. cannot keep food in our kitchen or the kitchen stove and warmer. This is a Health Code violation and it interrupts the preparation of lunch. Thank You!